CBD and alcohol

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is a part of many people’s definition of “having fun”. A glass of wine with lunch, a beer or two with a colleague after work, and tasty cocktails with friends on Friday night. But we are all aware of the dangerous effects of alcohol when there is too much of it. And all those people who are taking any prescription drugs also know well, they are not to be mixed with alcohol.

What about CBD?

Can CBD be mixed with alcohol?

The answer to this question is not that straightforward, since an individual’s response to CBD as well as to alcohol is largely dependent on genetics and some other factors. So, it is hard to predict what the effect would be if combining CBD and alcohol. Therefore, extra caution is needed when mixing these two substances.

What do scientists say?

However, there are some studies available that discuss the effect of mixing CBD with alcohol.

A study by Consroe from 1979 describes the interaction of CBD and alcohol in humans. A double-blind, crossover randomized study showed that CBD lowers the blood-alcohol level when taken together with alcohol.

In a study by De Ternay (2019) the therapeutic prospects of CBD for alcohol-use disorder (AUD) and alcohol-related damage to the liver and brain are discussed. The study concluded that CBD could reduce the drinking of alcohol in subjects with AUD. By reducing the alcohol-related steatosis process in the liver and brain damage, CBD could improve the hepatic and neurocognitive outcomes in subjects with AUD as well.

Turna (2019) came to similar conclusions in a systematic review of studies discussing CBD as a novel candidate in alcohol-use disorder pharmacotherapy. The CBD was well tolerated in human studies. Given its favorable effects on alcohol-related harms in preclinical models, CBD appears to be a promising candidate in AUD pharmacotherapy.

Energy-drink vodka or CBD vodka?

A CBD-infused drink might be a better option for cocktail mixes than energy drinks, since both caffeine and alcohol influence blood pressure, and when combined, they can create even more havoc. Since CBD lowers the blood-alcohol level when consumed together with alcohol, it is a better choice. In any case, we should be careful with the consumption of alcohol.


Research has shown some promising results for the use of CBD as a therapeutic agent in AUD, as well as an agent for lowering blood-alcohol levels. However, extra caution is needed when combining alcohol and CBD, especially if this is your first time consuming either of these two. Try them individually first, and do not exaggerate with the alcohol.

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