CBN OIL DROPS are produced with an extract of hemp biomass that is diluted in MCT oil.

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CBN drops for more balance in everyday life

A stressful everyday life with many appointments. No wonder some nights, it is hard to fall asleep. A millennia-old plant has proven its worth to improve inner peace and balance: hemp. Our versatile CBN drops contain CBN, isolated from the hemp extract.

How do our CBN drops work in the body?

Cannabinoids bind to a specific type of receptors in the body. This binding is how the effect can be achieved. CBN has a relatively high affinity towards CB1 receptors, similar to THC. However, CBN does not provoke psychoactive effects.

CBN drops and their effects

CBN drops do not contain other cannabinoids, so we added different terpenes-compounds that provide plants taste and smell. These compounds are naturally found in hemp. They »work« together with CBN and create an entourage effect. Terpenes we added to the product were carefully chosen: myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene, and linalool. They are known to provide mild sedating effects, so they are perfect to combine with CBN.


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