Our CBD OIL DROPS are produced with premium CBD extract that is diluted in various carrier oils such as MCT, olive, grape seed and hemp seed oil.

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The right carrier oil for CBD

In our CBD Shop you will find a range of carrier oils for CBD oil drops. But what are they all about? The name already gives you a clue. The oil carries the cannabidiol and other phytochemicals. The carrier oil thus serves as a means of transport for the components of the hemp plant. Thus, the extract can be better utilized. Since CBD is basically fat-soluble, we use high-quality oils such as olive, grape seed and hemp seed for this purpose.

The advantages of carrier oil for CBD oil drops

Diluting with a high-quality carrier oil is done for a reason. This allows the active ingredient to be better absorbed, as CBD dissolves in the fatty oil. The body can absorb substances in two different ways. One is via the fat-soluble pathway and the other is via the water-soluble pathway. We focus here on rapid absorption. In addition, the dosage is much better with a carrier oil. After all, it is difficult for the consumer to weigh out the crystals. Just 50 mg of them are about the size of a pinhead. If you only want to weigh out 5 mg, you will reach your limits. Therefore, CBD in carrier oil is much more practical and user-friendly.

High-quality carrier oil for CBD

We focus on sustainable products. Therefore, we pay attention to high-quality oils from natural products. We therefore source the ingredients exclusively from certified farms. Our carrier oils are also vegan. Enjoy our oils without a guilty conscience and convince yourself of the high quality.


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