Full spectrum CBG OIL DROPS produced with extract from alcohol-extracted hemp biomass diluted in MCT oil.

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Buy CBG oil and enjoy the benefits

In addition to the CBD, the hemp plant also contains another substance: CBG – which is considered a precursor of CBD. The substance is mainly found in young cannabis plants and is ideal for all kinds of problems and cases. Although CBG extract is not yet so well-known, it has positive effects on attention and general well-being. Above all, however, our CBG oil is suitable for skin care.

Buy cannabigerol and care for the skin

Thanks to its antioxidant effects, nerve cells in the body are supported by our product. And because it is a natural extract, any side effects are extremely unlikely. In addition, CBG extract is often used as a component of skin care products, such as creams and ointments.

Buy CBG oil for more serenity

It is no wonder that CBG is now in great demand. And this is in spite of the fact that it is still far from being as well-known as CBD. Realise the benefits of our wonderful oils and take a look around our shop.