CBD Skin Care

MIKKA stylishly answers all your skincare needs using only premium full spectrum CBD extract. Checking the ingredients list, it covers only the most soothing, balancing, hydrating natural ingredients and the promise of an array of sophisticated anti-aging properties.


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Enjoy CBD skincare

People used the power of the hemp plant centuries ago. No wonder, as it is an extremely versatile plant. The resulting CBD not only has a calming effect on our mind, but it is particularly suitable for perfect skincare. For example, the extract calms acne-prone skin, pimples or redness. The soothing properties of the CBD skincare help sensitive skin regenerate. CBD is also said to reduce sebum production. This makes the skin supple and beautiful again without being greasy.

CBD skincare against skin ageing

The plant extract has natural anti-oxidant properties. Thus, CBD skincare will help you heal inflammation and combat free radicals. The result is a rejuvenated skin with fewer irregularities and redness. This shows the true power of nature.

Full-spectrum CBD skincare

Our extracts for younger skin are full-spectrum premium extracts. This means that we combine different cannabinoids. These increase each other’s effects, and the skin thus benefits even more from the power of the hemp plant. Combined with balancing and moisturising ingredients, it provides a welcome anti-ageing effect for supple skin. We rely on organic and high-quality ingredients for this purpose. We purchase our hemp plants exclusively from selected organic farms. Convince yourself of our high quality and the popular effect of CBD now.

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