Water Soluble CBD drops are concentrated oil in water emulsion, produced by combining purified CO₂ extracted hemp resin with natural emulsifiers. Our formulations contain a variety of active ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts for balance and better well-being.

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Water-soluble CBD drops for your well-being

Water-soluble CBD drops are concentrated mixtures of water and oils. In this process, purified components of the hemp biomass are produced with natural emulsifiers. Buying CBD water-soluble means, above all, benefiting from our unique formulas. We use lots of minerals, herbs and CBD vitamins in our drops for better well-being and balance during stressful everyday life. Experience the power of water-soluble CBD oils and enjoy more serenity and smoothness in your life.

The benefits of water-soluble CBD drops

The human body is predominantly made up of water. Therefore, the water-soluble drops are absorbed much faster than conventional drops. Initial scientific studies confirm this effect. While conventional CBD oil is absorbed by the body at a rate of around 10 percent, the water-soluble products absorb a full 50 percent or more. So, you can get a greater effect from fewer active ingredients. The effect of the water-soluble CBD drops starts after 2–4 minutes. Buy water-soluble CBD and benefit from these advantages:

  • Effect after just a few minutes
  • Maximum bio-availability after a short time

Feeling the power of CBD

Contrary to the prejudices that still exist, CBD products have nothing to do with an intoxicating effect. CBD products do not contain the ingredient THC. This means you can enjoy the power of the hemp plant without a guilty conscience. CBD drops have a relaxing and invigorating effect. They give you more serenity in everyday life. They also keep the skin fit. Buy our water-soluble CBD Drops now and enjoy the benefits.