Summertime is, for most people, the most beautiful season of the year. For sure long carefree sunny days play their role in it. The feeling of warm sun on the skin feels amazing. However, we know sunburn is dangerous, and using SPF creams, and light clothes that cover the skin is therefore essential. Still, it can sometimes happen that we get sunburnt.

How do we protect ourselves from the sun?

Skin protection is essential. We can choose from several different Sun protection factors (SPF), from really low protection like SPF 4 to high protection like SPF 50+. In addition, we can choose from creams with weather chemical filters, mineral filters, or a mixture of both. Creams with mineral filters and high protection are most commonly advised for use on small children. If you are sensitive (if you have a light complexion and maybe even freckles), consider using SPF 50+ and avoid the sun during the hottest hours. Also, consider wearing light clothes that cover your skin.

What happens to our skin when we sunbathe?

When we sunbathe (intentionally or not), our skin has a lot of work. Moderate exposure to direct sunlight contributes to the skin’s production of melanin and vitamin D.

Melanin is a natural pigment produced in melanocytes (special cells in our skin). Melanin protects the body from absorbing UV radiation and therefore protects from sunburn. With melanin, synthesis skin becomes darker. Depending on the degradation of melanin, suntan remains visible from a few weeks to a few months. It differs depending on how strong the suntan is and how long it will last.

What is sunburn?

Sunburn happens when the UV radiation is too strong, and our melanocytes can not synthesize enough melanin to protect us. Sunburn is inflamed, painful skin that feels hot to the touch. It often appears within a few hours of being in the sun for too long or if you forget to update your SPF. Symptoms of a sunburn on the skin include:

  • Inflamed skin, which looks pink or red on white skin and may be harder to see on brown or Black skin
  • Skin that feels warm or hot to the touch
  • Pain, tenderness, and itching

How to treat sunburn?

Several ways can help when we expose to the sun too much:

  1. Take frequent cool baths or showers to allow you cool down
  2. Drink a lot of water to rehydrate the cells
  3. Use a moisturizer with added active ingredients to recover the skin faster

Healing balm for sunburns

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