Because we believe in the 'synergy of the natural actives' we have upgraded traditional CBD oil drops with various vitamins.

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CBD oil drops with vitamins

Our life is often very challenging. This requires high performance from our bodies. Too often, the body then lacks the necessary rest and balance. Here, our oil drops with vitamins can provide good support. Not only do they contain high-quality CBD obtained from the wonderful hemp plant, they are also supplemented with important vitamins. In this way, they can support your immune system even better and prevent deficiencies. We offer our CBD with vitamins in different forms. Therefore, you can find precisely the right product to help you in your daily life.

CBD vitamins for a strong immune system

Discover the diversity of our CBD oil drops with vitamins. Here, we use the power of nature. We use highly concentrated vitamins instead of artificial additives. With our added vitamin A, for example, you strengthen the growth process of your cells. In addition, you protect your skin and mucous membranes, as well as your eyes. Vitamin E, on the other hand, helps to combat free radicals and protect cells. With our CBD oil with vitamin K, you can prevent blood clots. At the same time, the vitamin helps with sensitive teeth and bone diseases. In short: thanks to the added vitamins, you are well prepared to face all the challenges of the day.

Oil drops with vitamins: Combined and good

However, we must not forget that the main component in our bottles consists of CBD with a carrier oil. Thus, you not only take your vitamins, but also benefit from the effects of the hemp plant.


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