This year Autumn is spoiling us with plenty of sun and high temperatures for this time of the year. Good news for all that don’t like winter and cold weather but at the same time bad news for those who don’t like mosquitoes and other insects. When temperatures are still high, mosquitoes and other insects are still having a blast. And some of them can even be dangerous.


How do we protect ourselves from the bites of insects?

Skin protection is essential. We can choose from several different repellents that can be bought in drug stores. Some people prefer natural repellents with essential oils as active ingredients. Essential oils most commonly associated with repellent properties are citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, and catnip oil. For those that don’t have an issue with some stronger non-natural active ingredients, the most effective insect repellent is supposed to be DEET (diethyltoluamide), according to a majority of experts.

It is also recommended to wear light clothes from natural materials (like linen or cotton), preferably in white or off-white color, that covers a good measure of our skin and does not expose much of it.


What happens when an insect bites us?

Insect bites usually cause a swollen lump on the skin, which can be weather painful or itchy. The symptoms typically last for a few hours to a few days. However, sometimes it can take longer to heal completely.

Sometimes a mild allergic reaction can occur- so the swollen lump gets a bit larger and more painful. These should take up to a week to heal.

In rare cases, severe allergic reactions can occur, so we should immediately seek medical attention.


How to react when an insect bites us?

In case of a severe allergic reaction, seek medical help immediately!

However, if a mild reaction occurs, we suggest:

  • Cool the bite area under cold water or with a cold cloth.
  • Take a non-prescription pain relief drug or/and an anti-histamine drug if necessary.
  • Make your own “DIY after-bite first aid”: mix baking soda with a bit of water to get a paste and apply to the affected area.
  • Many commercially available gels and creams help to soothe the area after insect bites. You can choose from many options, from gels with cooling properties like aloe vera to different creams with added anti-inflammatory ingredients or ingredients for faster skin healing.

Healing balm for insect bites

At PharmaHemp, we developed the Healing balm, which is perfect for different skin conditions when you need fast relief. In addition, a high concentration of full-spectrum hemp extract rich in cannabidiol (CBD) is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent to ensure that your skin is in perfect condition soon after the unpleasant event.