Our promise is to create better everyday lives, based on a sustainable hemp culture and the highest quality standards.

integrated quality ASSURANCE


We closely monitor every stage of our process. From picking the right seed to the gentle extraction and rigorous lab-checks of every drop of CBD oil – before proudly delivering our products to you.

Certified hemp seed

We only grow certified hemp


We respect traditional organic
farming practices.


Our crops are cultivated
and certified with Good
Agricultural and Collection Practices.

Supercritical CO2 extraction

Supercritical CO2 extraction
We ensure non-toxic
supercritical extraction –
ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 9001.

Quality control

Reliable analyses from accredited laboratory – ISO/IEC 17025.

3rd party lab. test

Our integrated quality
is confirmed by
independent laboratories.

GMP certification

Our products are produced and
certified with Good Manufacturing
Practice – ISO 22716.


For full transparency,
our products are equipped
with a Product Information File.


Global distribution is handled under
Good Distribution Practices.


Our promise is to make everyday life better by developing a sustainable culture in the industrial hemp industry and the highest quality standards. The efficiency, safety and quality of our products and services are our commitment to our customers.

We ensure quality business operations and ensure the continuous improvement of all processes that follow good business practice guidelines (GxP) and management systems:

  • GACP – Good Agricultural and Collection Practice;
  • GDP – Good Distribution Practice (2015/C 95/01);
  • GLP – Good Laboratory Practice (ISO/IEC 17025:2017);
  • GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice for Food Supplements (Food Supplements Europe, 2014);
  • GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice for Cosmetics (ISO 22716:2007);
  • Quality management systems (ISO 9001:2015);
  • Food Safety Management Systems (ISO 22000:2018).

In the field of food safety, we are committed to meeting all applicable food safety requirements, including legal and regulatory requirements and mutually agreed customer requirements, and to managing the needs to ensure competencies related to food safety.

In our business, we gradually introduce principles and guidelines of good manufacturing practice in the field of substances used in medicinal products and good distribution practice for the wholesale of substances used in medicinal products.

We provide proper internal and external communication, as evidenced by independent verification of certification and supervisory bodies. Focusing on comprehensive and integrated quality assurance enables us to meet the demands of global markets, where we constantly improve our products and services and contribute to better company results and customer satisfaction through personal quality.

To bring you CBD of the finest quality, PharmaHemp has hands-on control of every stage of the process. We know the seeds we plant, the organic farm methods we use, the state-of-the-art extraction we choose and the purity, potency and quality tests all our products are rigorously submitted to. We are committed to transparency and full traceability, through an integrated software system.

Every batch is equipped with a serial number and best-before date. All our products undergo continuous and rigorous quality-assurance checks performed in accredited laboratory – ISO/IEC 17025, as well as long-term stability checks. We ensure the highest quality of our cannabidiol oil with an advanced in-house laboratory as well as highly specialized independent laboratories.

PharmaHemp is officially certified as a company with Good Manufacturing Practice under the global ISO 22716 standard.

PharmaHemp is officially certified as a company with Good Manufacturing Practice to produce cosmetics under the global ISO 22716 standard. Our GMP compliance is verified and confirmed by an independent inspection audit. With a certified GMP system, PharmaHemp ensures that our products are consistently produced and controlled according to the highest quality standards. In fact, our current PharmaHemp GMP system exceeds the basic GMP requirements for cosmetic production and is set up to meet far more demanding requirements, such as pharmaceutical GMP. 

In terms of our business, we continuously work to improve our quality compliance and ensure that our products continue to meet and exceed regulatory requirements as the industry matures. Through the qualification process we established that all our premises (warehouse, production facilities) and technical equipment meet the highest GMP pharmaceutical standards.


At PharmaHemp Laboratories the quantification of cannabinoids is performed with high accuracy and precision by utilizing the latest technologies. Our validated and accredited methods are providing quantitative determinations of 10 cannabinoids: CBD, CBDA, CBDV, THC, THCA, THCV, CBG, CBGA, CBN and CBC. The cannabinoid profiling is performed on a wide variety of cannabis-infused products, including oils, edibles, drinks, concentrates, flowers, butters, waxes and other hemp-derived products. Apart from serving as an internal quality-control system, we also perform quantitative determinations of cannabinoids for growers, producers and end users.

Our accredited laboratory under ISO/IEC 17025 standard enables us to ensure that we operate competently and generate valid, reliable results. This accreditation demonstrates that our company operates with the highest competency level in terms of the laboratory testing of hemp and hemp-related products. PharmaHemp Laboratories accredited test reports will be accepted anywhere in the world, without the need for further testing, which in turn improves international trade. We also prove our laboratory competency by participating in global proficiency tests, where we compare our results with other reference laboratories. PharmaHemp Laboratories is also awarded by Emerald Scientific for excellence in cannabis testing for potency of hemp bud and hemp oil. The scope of the certification is described in the scope of accreditation.

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Fast and reliable cannabinoid test in our in-house laboratory.

Whether you are a grower, producer or an aware user, PharmaHemp Laboratories gives you the data you need to ensure the quality and potency you want. With state-of-the art analytical techniques we determine the concentration of all major cannabinoids in your plant raw material or in your cannabis-infused products. Our profiling is accurate, precise and in compliance with good laboratory practice. What’s more, we’ve made it easy and convenient for you: arrange the test in 3 steps and get the results certificate in 10 days.

Be a grower, producer or even an aware user – PharmaHemp Laboratories is a trusted European research authority that offers you competent analysis of your raw material or product.

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