The CBD industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, but there is still a lot of space to conduct more research into how CBD affects us and its potential benefits. People are still learning about this compound and a lot of knowledge remains to be discovered. A common question that we get from our customers is: “How does CBD make you feel?”

Firstly, we will briefly look at what CBD is and which products are the most popular on the CBD market. Secondly, we will take a look at the legal status of CBD. Finally, we will focus on the topical and oral use of CBD and the effect it has on our minds and bodies.


As we discovered in one of our previous blogs, CBD is short for cannabidiol, a compound that is predominantly found in certain varieties of the plant Cannabis Sativa L. Chemically, CBD falls into the category of terpeno-phenolic compounds, which are abundantly produced in hair-like structures, called glandular trichomes, that are found on the surfaces of the flowers and leaves of cannabis plants.

The cannabis plant was one of the first to be used to make fibers for clothes. And since hemp has had more than 25,000 diverse uses throughout history, it is important that we keep on learning about this amazing plant.

Let’s take a look at the most common products that are made from CBD:

There are many more different ways to include CBD in your life, but these are currently the most popular choices.

Moving forward, it is important that before you decide how you will take your CBD, and which products you will choose, that you know about the legal status of CBD. This depends on many factors, such as the form of the final product, the source of the CBD and last, but not least, on country-specific regulations.

These regulations are changing fast. Therefore, our advice to you is to keep up to date with the news as it relates to the CBD market. At PharmaHemp, we are closely monitoring the situation in the EU and the UK, and any major changes and updates to the legislation will be shared with you instantly.


CBD is a potent anti-oxidant and has been shown in multiple studies to help with common skin problems by moisturizing and providing overall help with better-looking skin. Topical CBD is designed to help with different skin conditions.

You can find CBD serums, creams, masks, and body and face oils. You can also use CBD lip balms to achieve soft and healthy lips.

Our MIKKA skincare stylishly answers all your skincare needs using only premium, full-spectrum CBD extract. It covers only the most soothing, balancing, hydrating natural ingredients and the promise of an array of sophisticated properties for the prevention of early aging.

CBD creams are also gaining popularity. Dr. Kent, for example, offers active creams for different occasions that soothe the skin. It also helps with tired joints, arms, and legs after intense exercise or physical activity.


Since we now already know about CBD and its potential benefits, we are not surprised that CBD can have a major impact on our oral care.

CBD toothpaste and mouthwashes can calm your gums and improve the overall feeling of freshness in your mouth. They naturally eliminate decay-causing bacteria, restore the pH balance and refresh your breath. Besides that, they take care of your gums.

You can check out our CBD oral care and read more about these amazing products.


To sum up, CBD can be part of your life in different ways. Topical, oral, and other options are available. It is important that you know the legal status of CBD in your country or state. We also suggest that before using CBD you talk to your doctor or dermatologist.

The World Health Organization has deemed CBD safe and appropriate for any skin type.