What is the highest CBD oil concentration, and which variant should you choose to benefit from the potential of this natural hemp extract? Keep reading to discover how to estimate your preferred cannabidiol dosage!

CBD – what is it?

CBD, cannabidiol, is a natural hemp compound found in hemp plants. It’s not a psychoactive or mind-altering substance. Therefore, it won’t make you feel high.

Contrary to popular belief, CBD doesn’t have a lot in common with THC, so it’s generally safe for the body.

Thanks to the fact that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, it’s a promising solution for several severe health conditions. However, to fully benefit from its potential, we first need to discover the highest concentration of CBD oil and how to use it.


CBD oil concentration – what are the available options?

In our offer, you can find many available variants of CBD oil whose concentration varies between 3-15 % and CBD pastes whose concentration varies between 20-50 %.

Generally, if you are starting your adventure with CBD oil, you should begin with a lower dosage and increase it gradually. However, if you aren’t sure which solution will meet your expectations, you can always consult specialists willing to advise you.

How to dose CBD?

There is no one correct answer to the most appropriate CBD oil dosage. It’s generally assumed that it’s better to start with a lower dose and increase it over time. However, your decision should also depend on the actual CBD content in the selected product.

Starting with a lower dose will allow you to see how your body reacts to cannabinoids. This is particularly important since studies concerning the effectiveness and safety of CBD oil are still limited.

When selecting CBD oil concentration, follow a few rules:

  • Consult your doctor if you take any medications (cannabidiol may interfere with some chemical compounds and decrease the effectiveness of your medications),
  • Read product labels carefully to determine the exact milligrams per drop concentration of your oil and to choose products with quality ingredients (to learn more, check our entry: How to find a high-quality CBD product),
  • If you decide to invest in lotions or creams, start with tiny amounts of products to check if you’re allergic to them.

Keep in mind that selecting an inappropriate CBD oil dosage can cause side effects such as diarrhea, fatigue, weight fluctuations, or appetite changes. Make sure that you choose genuine cannabidiol products manufactured by trustworthy brands.

Potential benefits of cannabidiol

According to the studies, CBD oil is recognized as a potential remedy that can help to cope with different states. Additionally, it may positively impact your skin condition and promote general well-being.

Therefore, choosing the right concentration of CBD increases the likelihood that this hemp extract may relieve your symptoms. But every individual needs to find their perfect dosage.


The takeaway

Choosing the right CBD oil concentration is crucial to making informed decisions that won’t trigger dangerous side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, or fatigue. Due to the complex nature of the industry, you should thoroughly read labels before you purchase to ensure that selected products include pure CBD extract.

Keep in mind that even though cannabinoids are generally safe, they may not be appropriate for some people suffering from certain conditions like liver problems. Therefore, consult your healthcare professional if you aren’t sure if a specific CBD oil concentration is suitable for you.

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