CBD Balms

CBD oils, CBD pastes, CBD isolates, creams… CBD BALMS! A lot of different CBD products have entered the market in recent years, and CBD balms are some of the most popular. In addition to CBD oils, of course. Joking aside, balms are very popular because of their ease of application and their beneficial properties.


CBD balms are made from CBD oil and different kinds of butter, waxes, oils, and active ingredients. Popular ingredients in balms include shea butter and beeswax. They are similar to CBD creams but have a denser consistency and usually don’t contain water. CBD balms are often thick, almost solid, and waxy. They are meant for topical use and when applied on the skin, balms spread nicely, absorb quickly and do not leave you with greasy skin.


Basically, balms can be used on your skin for almost anything – people buy them for various reasons. Balms are occlusive and nourishing and provide a protective layer to your skin. They are quite concentrated, and you must use only a very small amount to achieve the desired results. You could almost say that CBD balms are the cousins of moisturizers! They both give you a plumped complexion and nourish dry and flaky skin. In addition, a lot of people use CBD balms to nourish scratches, abrasions, or itchy skin in general.

PharmaHemp CBD BALM

One of our main aims is to develop innovative products that bring a premium CBD experience into any lifestyle. We are aware that bees are very important for our existence on this planet. We also believe that with small changes we can help create a better world that lives in symbiosis with bees and Nature in general.

Therefore, we decided to improve our CBD balm formulation.

The new and improved CBD balm no longer contains beeswax. We exchanged it for candelilla wax, which is a wax derived from the leaves of the small Candelilla shrub. To take it a step further, we now use vegan lanolin instead of regular lanolin which makes our new balm completely vegan!

This balm is also certified as organic by ECOGEA, which means it has only natural active ingredients. The new, improved formulation is a fast-absorbing balm, providing an enhanced, non-greasy, moisturizing effect and long-lasting smoothness of the skin.

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