CBN drops

Full spectrum CBN OIL DROPS produced with an extract of hemp biomass that is diluted in a combination of MCT and olive oils.

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CBN oil - many advantages from the power of nature

Our full-spectrum CBN drops are produced from the extract of hemp biomass. It is a highly effective mixture, which is a little less well-known than CBD. The wonderful CBN is mainly bought by people who want an effect on the mind. The extract is completely legal as it contains no psychedelic THC. Instead, the drops have their effect by binding to certain receptors. Convince yourself of the power of the hemp plant today and test out our products in the online shop.

CBN: Is that even legal?

There are still some prejudices and misunderstandings when dealing with CBN and CBD products. CBN and CBD are part of the hemp plant, but are different from THC, which we know as a psychoactive and illegal drug. Products and CBN may therefore be sold and used legally. So, you don’t have to worry. Quite the contrary. Many of our customers favour the use of practical oils.

Buy CBN drops and protect the environment

We only purchase our hemp plants from certified organic farms. In view of this wonderful natural product, the protection of the environment is of course very important to us. Buy our organic products and enjoy the power of the hemp plant.

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